The Health Empowerment Podcast was originally published in 2009. Some of the events referenced in the show are not relevant today but the overall content is still useful.

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Mandatory Vaccinations and Natural Alternatives

  • Croft questions the credibility of the World Health Organization.
  • Did the WHO participate in population control using vaccines?
  • Croft doesn’t think Canada will have mandatory swine flu vaccinations
  • Should the government have the power to force you to take a vaccine?
  • Croft talks about whether there is a connection between autism and vaccines.
  • Andrew asks what is the alternative to the vaccine?
  • Good personal hygiene
  • The Vitamin D Connection
  • And more…
  • Croft advises that you always talk to your doctor when doing anything to treat a condition because no matter what you are doing you can always overdose or react to something
  • Croft suggests looking up the American College for the Advancement of Medicine where you can find doctors who use vitamins, herbs and other natural means in their medical practice
  • Croft talks about powerful herbs like Oil of Oregano, products like Flu Stop and others
  • And much, more…

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