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Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion

Andrew starts off the show asking Croft a question: What is drug-induced nutrient depletion?

Any drug that has an effect on the human organism has a side effect.

For example, taking an aspirin will deplete your body of vitamin c and also potentially the b vitamins.

Croft talks about Bextra and Viox. Viox, a COX2 inhibitor was taken off the market due to causing major side effects and death.

COX2 inhibitors deplete the body of its ability to produce Coenzyme Q10.

Andrew asks if people taking COX2 inhibitors need to be supplementing with COQ10.
Croft said yes and a number of other vitamins and minerals.
Anti-inflammatories work by mobilizing these nutritional factors that are stored in your bones and tissues. And over time you will be affected by this.

Croft talks about Tylenol and how it can deplete the liver of Glutathione. In fact, the number one cause of emergency room visits is caused by overuse of Tylenol.

Croft advises seeing your doctor or naturopathic physician and talk to them about how to deal with drug-induced nutrient depletion. He also suggests that if your taking Non-Steroidal anti-inflammatory medication for back pain then seeing a good chiropractor would be a good idea as well.

Croft has seen people doing well by taking large doses of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a powerful protector against bacteria and is a potent anti-viral.

Andrew asks about statin drugs and COQ10. Croft said that statin drugs also block the production of COQ10.

Croft mentions the benefits of supplementing with magnesium, zinc, selenium and other nutrients.

Croft said it makes him laugh that people are being prescribed blood thinners when we already have a great blood thinner in Vitamin E. And vitamin E has anti-viral activity as well.

Croft talks about vitamin C and cholesterol levels. He also said it is important to note that cholesterol itself is technically an essential fatty acid. Your cell membranes are comprised of cholesterol and helps prevents toxins from getting into your cells.

Frying with vegetable oil produces trans fat with will have an effect on your cell membranes and overall health as result. Croft talks about what oils to cook with and which ones to avoid.

Olive oil should be used raw in salad dressings.

For frying, you can use lard, beef tallow, coconut oil or palm kernel oil.

Garlick has been shown to lower cholesterol. Croft talks about the history of garlic and how the Russians used it during world war 2 as an anti-bacterial agent. This why garlic came to be known as Russian penicillin.

Croft talks about other herbs like Oil of Oregano, Thyme, Cruciferous vegetables.

Andrew asks if natural foods can deplete other nutrients.

Croft says that in fact, usually, they enhance the uptake of nutrients and act synergistically with each other.
He said with selenium there is a potential for toxicity but you would have to take a lot more than you would find in a dietary supplement.

Croft talks about nutrient deficiency caused by agriculture practices that limit the nutrients in the soil. If the nutrients aren’t in the soil they won’t be found in the plant.

Croft talks about vitamin d and how important it is to make sure you getting vitamin D3.
Vitamin d3 is produced in your body when the sun’s ultraviolet B rays interact with cholesterol in your skin.

There is a big difference between synthetic and natural vitamins and it all depends on where the vitamin is synthesized from.

Croft talks about the Vitamin D Council and their recommended daily allowance.

Andrew asks if erectile dysfunction drugs such as Cialis and viagra have depletion effects?
Croft says that zinc, vitamin C, the b vitamins and vitamin e are all important for proper sexual function.

Unfortunately, most physicians don’t associate drug use with nutrient depletion. Croft advises interviewing doctors before you hire them as the doctor you trust with your health.

Orthomolecular Medicine – the treatment of disease using natural molecules.

Dr. Abraham Hoffer coined the term and pioneered the natural medicine movement.

Croft talks about some people having a genetic need for higher than normal requirements for specific nutrients.

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