The Health Empowerment Podcast was originally published in 2009. Some of the events referenced in the show are not relevant today but the overall content is still useful.

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Trick or Treats? The Addiction to Sugar.

Last week we talked about diabetes, its complications, and natural treatments. This week’s topic is Sugar Addiction.

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Croft says when it comes to sugar addiction the treat is the trick.

Andrew brings up Dr. Hoffer’s sugar addiction theory.
Croft says it is more than just a theory.

Croft talks about a study that showed that white cell activity was reduced by 50% for every teaspoon of sugar. It didn’t matter if it was white sugar, honey or fruit juice. The only exception was real, Canadian maple syrup.

Dr. Abraham Hoffer believes sugar is more addictive than heroin.

Croft talks about the ingredients of the swine flu vaccine.
He emphasizes that our digestive systems and mucous membranes and lungs are our natural filter against toxins and when injected directly into the bloodstream this is bypassed.

Croft talks about Image Guillain-barre syndrome and other side potential side effects. He asks if the vaccines are so safe why does the Pharmaceutical industry ask the government to protect them from any liability. And why won’t any insurance company provide insurance against vaccine damage?

Croft talks about the bird flu threat.

A fever is the body’s natural defense against viral infection. A virus can’t replicate at fever temperatures.

Croft also brings up Stevens-Johnstone syndrome and Tamiflu.

And much more…