The Health Empowerment Podcast was originally published in 2009. Some of the events referenced in the show are not relevant today but the overall content is still useful.

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Diabetes and its complications

Last week we talked about corporate front groups, the swine flu fiasco, and chelation therapy. This week’s topic is Diabetes and it’s complications.

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Croft talks about how a raw food diet is a great option for diabetics.

Andrew brings up some scary statistics about the prevalence of diabetes and how the disease is increasing each year.

Croft talks about Juvenile Diabetes and the Hepatitis B vaccine.

Dr. Klassen investigated the Hepatitis B vaccine and found a 60% increased likelihood of insulin dependent diabetes.

Croft also talks about cow milk and how it can trigger an autoimmune attack resulting in diabetes.

Big Pharma has a patented medication which is basically a synthetic version of insulin called Humalog. There is still some pork insulin available on the market which is well tolerated in humans because of the similarity in genes that we share with swine.

Andrew talks about Dr. Richard Bernstein and his quest to solve his own insulin dependent diabetes. He was an engineer and had the mindset of problem-solution but he couldn’t get any respect because he was not a medical doctor. So he got his medical degree and started to get his work published. The now common sense idea that you can manage insulin levels by regulation sugar intake.

Andrew brings up the Men’s Health article called the cure for diabetes which focused on Dr. Bernstein’s work among other Doctors. The American Diabetic Association responded to the Men’s Health article by ridiculing it and claiming that diabetes has nothing to do with sugar. The follow-up article is hilarious as the author destroys their argument.

We talk about how many health associations are actually “trade associations” who represent manufacturers in their industry and not the patients or the public

We talk more about whole food and raw food diets.

Many people are suffering from subclinical scurvy because they are not getting sufficient levels of Vitamin C.

Croft brings up a scary example of a woman who was suffering from internal bleeding and had multiple organs removed before they addressed her diet and found out she was ingesting virtually no vitamin c at all. After taking Vitamin C the internal bleeding stopped.

Croft talks about the recommended daily allowances for vitamin C, the B vitamins, and others.

Recommended Daily Allowance versus Optimal Daily Intake

Croft says that some people are born with higher than normal requirements for certain nutrients. Individual people are not served well by the average requirement.

Some people acquire hyper-requirements later in life. Croft said that some veterans who spent time in the prisoner of war camps and suffered from near-starvation returned home with a dependency on large doses of B-Vitamins.

We move on to the complications of diabetes:

Diabetic Neuropathy – Croft recommends Chelation Therapy

Caused by lack of Circulation to the extremities which cause lost feeling in the nerves, etc.
Gangrene has been halted and reversed with Vitamin E in very high doses.

Croft says that the Shute brothers (Wilfred and Evan Shute) were able to do this in their clinic in Ontario.
They used natural vitamin E as the synthetic form didn’t get utilized by the cells.

Niacin will help with circulation and may help with blood flow.

Andrew brings up Ozone Therapy for diabetic leg wounds.

Croft says why not use Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

Andrew talks about how he got involved in the Natural Health industry after being exposed to how HBOT can prevent amputations due to diabetic leg wounds leading to gangrene.
We talk about how Frank Tremblay, a hyperbaric technician, got Andrew started down a rabbit hole…

Globe and Mail article – 70% of Diabetics are losing their legs unnecessarily.

Croft gives us more examples people having great success with Chelation Therapy.

Andrew compares the cost of hyperbaric oxygen therapy to the pharmaceutical/surgery treatments.
HBOT wins…

We talk about the Movement to Reverse Diabetes Naturally.

Croft says… we are what we eat.

Andrew asks Croft what he would like to talk about in future episodes…

Croft says he would like to talk about licit and illicit drugs, the effects of patented medicine, quack watch and so much more.

Every week Croft will talk about the latest news and research in the Natural Health World.

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