The Health Empowerment Podcast was originally published in 2009 but the overall content is still useful today.

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The Swine Flu Fiasco, Bill C6, and Corporate Front Groups

Last week we talked about Digestion and Malabsorption and it was a well-received episode. This week the swine flu is back on our radar. This

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We talk about the Swine Flu Body Bag Fiasco:

Health Canada sent body bags to a native reserve in response to a request for assistance with the swine flu scare.

Croft talks about what happened and why they shouldn’t need the body bags.

Croft mentions that there are risks associated with vaccines.

We talk about Bill C 6 and the powers the government is getting to use draconian measures.

Andrew brings up some examples of why we need regulations to protect consumers. Croft agrees but says that there are better ways of dealing with then the approach they are taking.

Croft suggests testing the products for contamination and to ensure that the potency is as advertised.

Does the government serve the public’s interest?

Croft gives us some history of the BC Government in the natural health industry.

Andrew and Croft talk about what Bill C-6 is and why they are concerned about it.

Amendment to the Consumer Protection Act

Croft talks about the Food and Drug Act and how health claims are not allowed without a drug identification number.

You can’t claim that oranges cure scurvy because oranges are not registered as drugs.

  • Search and seizure without a warrant.
  • The health minister can decide instead of the courts
  • Does Bill C-6 include a back door to Codex Alimentarius?
  • List of Senators in Canada:
  • Corporate Front Groups:
  • Two Health Canada scientists blew the whistle on bovine growth hormone in Canada. As a result, it was not approved in Canada. Shiv Chopra and his colleague were fired for blowing the whistle on what was going on.

Shiv Chopra wrote a book: Corrupt to the Core – Memoirs of a Health Canada Whistle Blower

The American Council on Science and Health has been criticized for being a corporate front group. Most of their funding comes from the Pharmaceutical Industry, the Food Industry, etc.

They also criticize the dangerous natural supplement industry.

  • Croft goes into the “dangers” of the natural health industry compared to the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Croft suggests that a lot of diseases that is being ‘treated’ by drugs may actually be caused by nutritional deficiency.
  • There are very expensive drugs that are costing the health care system a lot of money that Croft believes the money would be better spent using natural treatments like Chelation Therapy and CoQ10 supplementation.

Chelation Therapy

  • Croft was the co-founder and president of the BC Chelation Therapy Association. Croft talks about the history of that organization and his role in it. He talks about how studies can be doctored to get the results they want if they want to debunk a natural treatment. He gives an example.
  • Andrew brings up the Saw Palmetto study that used inactivated Saw Palmetto.

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